Application Industries
We have provided high quality, customized separation solutions across the globe, from basic quality assurance at your local bakery, to fine powder separation at the pharmaceutical plant.

If your industry is not listed below, please contact us to find out how we can assist you to improve your product quality and add value to your business.
Food & Beverage
We have provided innovative and customized production solutions to the food and beverage industry for many years. We are committed to understand each unique application and advise in the best interests of our clients to ensure product safety and improve product quality. From coarse, dry food such as flour and rice, to thick, viscous sludge such as chocolate sauce and honey, our separators will perform its duties beyond satisfaction.
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 Our separators have been used in the chemical industry for many years despite the complexity and high demands usually associated with chemical products. Operating under high temperatures and highly corrosive environments, our durable separators perform with unnoticeable wear and tear, ensuring product quality at every stage.
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The most stringent production procedures are often found within the pharmaceutical industry, where production materials are expensive and prone to contamination. Our pharmaceutical grade separator is designed for minimal residual particles, easy to disassemble, and easy to clean. All contact parts are stainless steel SS316L, and surfaced polished to ensure particles are quickly passed through with minimal wastage.
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Paint / Coating
Paint production materials are hazardous and often difficult to clean and maintain. We simple and innovative design has proven invaluable in an industry that requires frequent sanitizing, with a wide range of modifications available to help you maintaining an efficient and clean production. Further demand for higher quality paint has resulted in the need for finer separation, with the help of our ultrasonic separating system, even the finest powder can be easily sieved.
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Consistency of production materials is essential for producing high quality ceramics, as inconsistent size distribution will result in costly flaws and cracks on the final product. Our multi-screen separator can accurately classify to user requirement with our three dimensional vibration and ensure superior quality of final product.
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Metal Powders
Endless price hikes of rare earth minerals demands that no production materials to be wasted. Our highly capable multi-screen separator combined with the ultrasonic separating system, ensures not only accurate classification of your products, but also minimal loss during production.
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We have been providing separation solutions to the recycling industry for decades, and has acquired vastly experience and in-depth knowledge in this fast evolving industry. With experiences in organic, plastic, rubber, metal, and oil/water recycling, we are well equipped to assist with your every recycling need.
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