About Us

LS Vibro Machinery (M) Sdn. Bhd. had been established over 20 years. Mainly supplying of equipment to health food industry, bio scientific chinese medicine industry. Base on our past years of experience, we are able to design & set up individual customer whole plant equipments to their satisfactory.

Our Business Philosophy ( Integrity & Trustworthy )

From design, manufacture, install as well as after-sales-service, we always stress on total honesty and integrity. We strictly adhere with superior quality and reliability furthermore, we render our courteous service with competence and hospitality.

Our Product Quality ( Reliable & Long-Lasting )

In order to provide you with the best possible machinery products, we constantly carry out research and development works to improve and enhance our machinery technology, we want to ascertain that our machineries are truly durable and long-lasting so that you would continue to expand your market at ease without any worry.


Our Guiding Principle (Scientific & Professionalism )

Apart from striving hard to maintain our product quality, we also consistently emphasize on scientific, professional and systematic production. We want to help our clients to produce the most advanced products at all times.

For Better Production Be Equipped With Best Machinery

By using highly efficient machinery, it will enable you to achieve maximum production with less effort. When you use state-of-the-art (LS VIBRO MACHINERY EQUIPMENTS), it means you would have total peace of mind too.

With the products above, we look forward to serving you with our best service, price competitiveness and good quality products.