Centrifugal Cooling Powder Grinding Machine


Centrifugal Cooling Powder Grinding Machine


Main Shaft Motor(HP)  5
Dust Collect Motor(HP) 5
Feeding Motor(HP) 1HP
Separate Motor(HP) 2HP
Discharging Motor(HP) 1
Power Fineness(目) 100-150
Grinding Capacity(kg/hr) 40-100
Area LxWxH(cm)  380x170x220
Weight Of Machine(kg)               1600


  • Auto feeding and discharging device, manpower, saving and increases productivity
  • To meet GMP standard, the enclosed type dust collector ensure the powder not fly out and and will not contaminate the production area
  • The centrifugal grinding rollers are indentation designed for maximum grinding efficiency
  • The grinding roller and grinding wall have gone through high frequency hardening treatment for longer life span
  • Quality of grinded products is maintained by waiter circulating cooling system to avoid temperature rise
  • Equipqed with special enclosed type bearing and lubrication to obtain stable temperature rise thus increase it's life span
  • The fineness of the grinded powder can be adjusted as desired

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