Lab Sieve Shaker (LS-300T)


Lab Sieve Shaker (LS-300T)

LS-300T is a small and light-weight laboratory separator capable of separating up to 6 classes (5 screens). Although small in size, LS-300T still utilizes three dimensional vibration for maximum performance and complete separation.

  • Accurate results - three dimensional vibration for complete separation and more accuracy.
  • Wide range of separation - Capable of holding up to 6 frames (5 screens) with the standard setup.
  • Quiet and low maintenance.
  • Fast screen change - quick release mechanism allows near instant review of test results.
  • Stainless Steel - all contact parts in stainless steel SS304. Full or partial SS316L upgrades available.
  • Timer: 0-30 minutes
  • Power: 1/6HP, Single Phase
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 400mm x 380mm x 650mm

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